My Kind of Family Photos | A Cochrane Family Photographer

Family photos. Sometimes the process leading up to them can be anxiety provoking. What do you wear? Did you comb your hair? What is on your face? Make sure you eat something – and don’t get it on your clothes! Watch out for the mud – you have to stay clean for at least one hour and then you can do whatever you want…

I hear this as the photographer and I say it as the mom.

But you know what, someone always gets dirty, I am happy to photoshop out boogers, and I’d much rather see you have piles of fun and cuddle and leave your photos saying, “Oh, that was way more fun than I thought it would be.”

In this session, they jumped, they ran; they were ninjas and yogis; they were tree climbers and tried not to fall in the pond. And every time I look at these pictures I laugh and think about how awesome they are. So for your family photos, let go of the pressures and let them run. So far no one at my sessions has required stitches or setting of broken bones (KNOCK ON WOOD!)

To book your session, just drop me a line – nature is waiting!

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