Roast Chicken and Homemade Bread

Yes. This is a blog post about chicken and bread. Could be rather simple and bland but these were both HOMEMADE. Touched by my hands. Watched by my eyes. Gently presented to my family. There’s been lots of days where gentle presentation of anything seemed to go by the wayside. Commitments to work and photography and parenting and life can sweep gentle moments can do that sometimes.

It feels wrong to not have gentle moments. I didn’t even notice that some of them were missing or were missed. In my efforts to be all that I am, I forgot a bit about who and what I am.

So last night (this last week really) has been about bringing myself back to this. The roast chicken and bread helped. As did three good conversations with those that could see what I was missing.

So, as we all readjust to the fall and the changing of the seasons yet again, take some time to roast your own chicken… and actually bake some bread – it is SO easy. No bread machine required. You actually don’t even need a stand mixer.


P.S. roast some beets while you are at it. The oven is on anyways 😉

mpp_9080mpp_9090mpp_9078mpp_9091The best place to buy the most beautiful and tasty chickens is Country Lane Farms  (tell them that I sent you)

Best roast chicken recipe (I modify it to whatever I have on hand to stuff in it and don’t often put the carrots / fennel under it) is from Ina Garten in her Barefoot Contessa cookbook but you can find it here.

Best homemade bread recipe comes from the amazing Julia Child via Dinner with Julie


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