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For a few days now, I’ve been chatting about the beautiful workspace photos / food photos / etc that are so very popular on social media. I love the idea of these creative shoots with their gorgeous details and style. Those of you that have been to my house know that gorgeous detail and style may not quite be me! haha! It’s so true. Welcome to Mel’s Cluttered Kitchen – I had the idea to open a home studio and call it that. I’m a self-proclaimed piler of things. Feels so good. So today when I saw that Clickin Moms photo cue of the day was ‘work’ I had this inspiration, first, to clean up my space and style it but then I sat back in my pink velvet chair (from a boudoir session way back) at my kitchen table (aka office) and loved what I was looking at. My coffee, Lukas’ succulents he planted in a rubbermaid container at school, my candles, my favourite oils, crayons, bills, my favourite daytimer and the light coming in through my big kitchen windows and thought to myself – it’s PERFECT. Perfect for me and if you come over, and I hope you do, you will feel super comfortable and relaxed because my perfection is super real and authentic and possibly a bit dusty. I couldn’t ask for better.


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