Hey you!

I am so glad you are here! These "About Me" pages are so hard to write - thank you for taking a few moments to learn about me!

I'm a mom, nurse, crafter, photographer, tambourine player, and Netflix lover. I am not a born housekeeper, but I am a natural pile-er, and am hopeful the KonMari Method will change my life. I grew up in central Alberta and now live just west of the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

I love collaborating, people watching, being curious, figuring things out and my puppies!

Photography that fills my heart...

Since 2014 I have been volunteering with Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep - a foundation that provides remembrance photography to families experiencing the loss of a child. How fortunate am I to be able to meet families and photograph these once in a lifetime moments. If you, or someone you know of could benefit from this type of photography (or if you would like to volunteer) please visit www.nilmdts.org for more information.